Friendly match. KARPATY PARTIZAN 0:1 (Updated)

30.01.2013, 17:30. Pitch of stadium Maxx Royal. Belek, Turkey. Light rain. +10°C

KARPATY (1st time): Mysak – Kopolovets, Milosevic, Plastun, Ksyonz – Tkachuk, Khudobyak, Stilic - Lucas, Gladkyy, player on trial.

KARPATY (2nd time): Bogatinov (Lazarskyy, 83) - Balazic, Zhovtyuk, Bidlovskyy, Ozarkiv - Bilyi, Cristobal, Tkachuk - Lucas, Gladkyy (Puchkovskyy, 60), Zahidulin.

Head Coach – Nikolay Kostov.

PARTIZAN: Petrovic, Miljkovic, Ivanov, Ilic (Jojic, 59), Smiljanic, Askovski, Silva (Babic, 59), Brasanac, Marko Zivkovic, Mitrovic (Mitrovic, 64), Scepovic (Knezevic, 59).

Head Coach – Vladimir Vermezovic.

Goal: Scepovic, 42.

Booked: Khudobyak, 28, Bogatinov, 71 – Smiljanic, 75, Markovic, 75.

It took Karpaty thirty minutes to get to the pitch of the hotel Maxx Royal, where the delegation of Partizan (Belgrade) is staying. In Belek light rain began to fall which resulted in worsening of the state of pitch. As for the pitch, it was not perfect, in particular there was no grass in penalty areas.

The Serbian coach fielded his best players. Apparently he stopped all previous experiments because he did not plan to lose fourth friendly match in a row. Players of the Serbia national team Scepovic, Smiljanic and other leader of Partizan all took part in the game.

Both teams started the game actively and tried to give their best. Karpaty had more goal scoring opportunities and it seemed they might score an opener soon but suddenly the lights went off…After certain period of time the game resumed but in three minutes again the stadium’s lights went out. Apparently floodlights were faulty…

After another resuming of the match Karpaty had to score a goal – Lucas ran down the left flank and crossed for the player, who is on trial with Karpaty, unfortunately the latter missed his chance…In return the Serbs scored the opener. Scepovic collected the ball near the penalty area and immediately blasted it into the corner of the net leaving Mysak chanceless. Right after that the referee signaled for the first half to end.

Many fresh players came on the pitch in the Karpaty squad for the second half. But again floodlights broke down. Coaches of both teams agreed that the teams would not resume the game after another problem with the lighting…

Karpaty had really good chances to score an equalizer for example when Lucas passed the ball perfectly into the path of Gladkyy who took it well, entered the box, but his shot went just wide…Young Karpaty players Mykola Zhovtyuk, Oleh Bilyi, Ihor Ozarkiv and goalkeeper Nazar Lazarskyy tried hard to impress their head coach and it should be noted. We also must say that Cristobal acted quite confidently and he seems to be a good alternative to our team’s main playmaker Stilic.

So, in the end Karpaty lost 0-1. But is it worth taking this fact seriously? For Partizan this match was the fourth one during their training camp, whereas for Karpaty it was the first friendly match in this year. It is understandable that the Serbs had better understanding and a sense of play. Should we require from the Lviv team only wins at any cost? Probably we must not. Winning is important of course, but more important thing is to get into the shape gradually and understand tactical requirements of the coach. And then we have no doubt that Karpaty will bring us lots of memorable victories.

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Photos by © FC Partizan

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