Serhiy Harashchenkov is a player of FC Karpaty

FC Karpaty have concluded 4-year contract with 22-year-old Ukrainian defender Serhiy Harashchenkov, which previously played for Russian club Amkar (Perm). Thus the green-and-whites have their first new signing in 2013. Serhiy told the club’s Information Center about himself and his prospects in the Lviv team.

- My agent told me about the offer from FC Karpaty. He said that the head coach appreciated my performances, he saw few matches with my participation. I agreed immediately. I already had an intention to leave Amkar and Russia last summer. But I got the chance to do that only now.

- What was it about Russia that you were dissatisfied with?
- Coaches of our club counted mostly on experienced players. That is why I had almost no game practice. You see at my age I want to play, I do not want to sit on the bench. This is the reason I decided to return to Ukraine and play for Karpaty.

- Some people say that the Russian championship is more competitive than the Ukrainian one…
- I do not know, it is difficult to compare because I have no experience of playing in the Ukrainian competition. I only participated in matches of the Shakhtar reserve team. As for the Russian championship – well yes, it is a reputable tournament. However I hope that I will be doing fine in the Ukraine.

- Ilya Mykhalyov transferred from Amkar to Karpaty not long time ago but he did not succeed here…
- I know Ilya since the time we spent in the Academy of Shakhtar Donetsk. Then we together player for the third team. You know, I do not get hung up on the fact that he did not manage to succeed. We are going separate ways. I hope things will work out well for me.

- Have you already spoken with Nikolay Kostov?
- Yes, we have a conversation. I heard a lot of positive information about him, people said that he was a good coach. He told me to work hard and I would be given a chance to show my worth.

- Which position on the pitch is the most appropriate for you?
- My position is a right-back, but also I can play as centre-back.

- Do you know anyone from FC Karpaty?
- We played together with Roman Mysak and Ihor Plastun in the Ukrainian youth national team. Also I know Ihor Oshchypko, but he is older. I think soon I will get on well with all players.

- Have you been to Lviv before?
- Only in hotels, when we came here before matches. I cannot say I know Lviv. People say it is a beautiful city with pleasant citizens. Also the fan-base is really good, I know that Lviv fans are considered to be among the top fan groups of Ukraine.

- What do you know about FC Karpaty?
 - I know that this team has good reputation and traditions. It owns quality infrastructure, which is one of the best five ones in Ukraine. Actually I spent all my life in Ukraine as I am a Ukrainian. I know many things about Karpaty (laughing).

- You had few trainings with the team. How do you reckon, will it be difficult for you to compete for a place in the starting line-up?
- Of course competition between players will be tough. Players of the team are highly qualified professionals. I will try to do my best to deserve trust from our coach. Everything is up to me.



Born on 16th May 1990 in Novohorodivka (Donetsk region).
Graduated from the Academy of Shakhtar (Donetsk).
In 2011 transferred to Amkar (Perm), has 9 appearances for the main team.
In 2012 played two matches for Ukrainian youth national team.

FC Karpaty Information Center,
Photos by © FC Karpaty

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