Friendly match. KARPATY SENICA 2:0 (Updated)

06.02.2013, 15:30. Turkey. Rain. +12°C

KARPATY: Mysak (Lazarskyy, 72), Bidlovskyy (Tkachuk, 60), Zhovtyuk (Balazic, 46), Plastun (Milosevic, 46), Ksyonz (Harashchenkov, 65), Khudobyak, Stilic (Zahidulin, 46), Holodyuk (Ozarkiv, 56), Kopolovets, Gladkyy (Zenjov, 65), player on trial (Cristobal, 69).

Head Coach – Nikolay Kostov.

SENICA: Kamesch, Wijlaars, Pavlik, Brabec, Sedlak, Kona, Ventura, Durica, Vrto, Stepanovsky, Kalabiska.

Head Coach – Zdenek Psotka

Goals: Gladkyy, 12, 24.

As soon as Karpaty players came down to the hotel’s lobby in order to set off for the last friendly game of this training camp, the real tropical rain began to fall. However in few minutes it stopped raining and the green-and-whites left for the match.

Also first 20 minutes of the friendly game Karpaty and their opponents had to play in the rain.

Karpaty tried to play closer to the goal of Senica. Due to better collective speed they forced the Slovaks to plough the sands. Eventually these tactics bore fruit. Ihor Plastun from the left flank delivered perfect pass from about 50 metres to Ksyonz. Pavlo trapped the ball, stormed down the wing before passing the ball to potential new signing, which skillfully sent it into the penalty area. Although defenders of Senica are quite tall guys, Oleksandr Gladkyy confidently beat them in the air and headed home a trademark finish – 1:0.

Karpaty kept on attacking and soon earned an indirect free kick in the left flank. The same player on trial took the free kick and sent the ball right to Gladkyy. Again Oleksandr jumped high to get his head on the ball and loop it into the back corner – 2:0.

It turned out that it was Gladkyy who scored all three goals of Karpaty during this training camp, and all of them were similar i.e. headers scored from crosses.

After that Karpaty might score more goals but Kopolovets, player on trial and again Gladkyy but the goalkeeper of Senica Kamesch made a couple of brilliant saves.

After the break Nikolay Kostov made some substitutions and fielded Zahidulin, Milosevic, Balazic, Ozarkiv and Tkachuk. Our centre forward remained on the pitch though, moreover, he had another good opportunity to make a hat trick. Ksyonz delivered the ball to Gladkyy from a free kick and the latter another time left defenders helpless and directed the ball towards the far corner. The goalkeeper could not save his team in that situation but the ball hit the post.

Karpaty new signing Serhiy Harashchenkov made a successful debut in this game. He replaced Pavlo Ksyonz and spent most of time in attacks. As for Lucas – he did not participate in the match down to minor injury. In the end of the match Kostov granted some time on the pitch also to Zenjov, Cristobal and Lazarskyy. They were creative and active in attacking actions but in this match there were no more scored and conceded goals…

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