Friendly match. KARPATY MARIBOR 0:2 (Updated)

13.02.2013, 17:30. Belek, Turkey.

KARPATY: Bogatinov, Ksyonz, Milosevic (Plastun 46), Balazic (Harashchenkov, 46), Bidlovskyy, Daushvili (Ozarkiv, 77), Kenia (Zaviyskyy, 66), Holodyuk (Stilic, 46), player on trial, Gladkyy (Khudobyak, 46), Zenjov (player on trial, 66).

Head Coach – Nikolay Kostov.

MARIBOR: Handanovic, Mejac, Potokar, Trajkovski, Arghus, Mezga, Cvijanovic, Dodlek, Mertelj, Beric, Fajic (Tavares, 74).

Head Coach – Darko Milanic.

Goals: Mezga, 51, Beric, 74.

Missed penalty kick: Kenia, 16 (shot went wide).

Yellow cards: Mejac, 69, Fajic, 73, Tavares, 86.

Red cards: Mejac, 90 (second warning, rough play).

Karpaty started the game with continuous attacks where Pavlo Ksyonz was the instrumental player on his right flank. It was very difficult task for Slovenians to stop somehow Pavlo so defenders often simply hacked him down. After certain period Levan Kenia also began to give hard times to Maribor defensive line. In the 15th minute he trapped the ball near the penalty area of Maribor, made his way past three backs and in one-on-one situation Handanovic had no other choice but to bring Levan down. The referee immediately pointed to the penalty spot. The Georgian took the shot but unfortunately the ball went wide…Apparently this episode affected the Georgian’s mental state as after that he lacked his usual creativity.

As for Maribor – their players were forced into taking long range shots but Martin Bogatinov acted quite confidently on goal.

After the break the two centre backs Milosevic and Balazic were replaced by Plastun and Harashchenkov respectively. They played together for the first time so their actions lacked proper coordination. As a result the Slovenians capitalized on that. The Maribor’s best goal-scorer over the period of their training camp Dejan Mezga unexpectedly chipped the ball over Bogatinov, which was not ready for it. Credit should be given to the striker as his decision was surprising not only for the green-and-whites but also for his partners.

In the 74th minute the captain and leader of Maribor Marcos Tavares came on the pitch and his team doubled the lead straight away. The Brazilian performed accurate pass to Beric, who beat Bogatinov in one-on-one situation – 2:0.

After that Karpaty acted very aggressively and created enough chances to level the score. Ksyonz, Kenia, Khudobyak and especially Stilic were very close to score a goal. First the Bosnian skillfully performed free kick and only Handanovic could explain how he managed to save his team. Then Stilic spectacularly tricked the defenders twice and blasted the ball into the top corner – again Handanovic produced brilliant save!

In the last seconds Mejac acted really roughly against Bidlovskyy and was sent off as a result. Unfortunately Karpaty did not succeed in converting their numerical advantage. So the green-and-whites lost to Slovenian champions in the first match of the third training camp. On Saturday the Lviv team will face OFK Belgrade.

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