Friendly match. KARPATY OFK BELGRADE 2:2 (Updated)

16.02.2013, 15:30. Belek, Turkey. +18°C

KARPATY: Bogatinov - Ksyonz, Milosevic, Plastun, Bidlovskyy - Holodyuk (Zahidulin, 49), Khudobyak, Stilic (Ozarkiv, 78) - Zenjov (Zhovtyuk, 85), Gladkyy (Zaviyskyy, 65), Kenia.

Head Coach – Nikolay Kostov.

OFK BELGRADE: Lukac, Petkovic, Vasiljevic, Mijic, Nikolic, Trivunovic, Grbic, Ivanovic, Batioja, Jovanovic.

Head Coach – Oliver Kovacevic.

Goals: Gladkyy, 39 (pen.), Khudobyak, 87 – Batioja, 3, Nikolic, 63 (pen.).

Yellow cards: Zenjov, 35, Holodyuk, 35, Plastun, 35, Gladkyy, 51 - Nikolic, 32, Jovanovic, 35, Trivunovic, 35, Petkovic, 79.

Red card: Holodyuk, 49 (second warning).

Prior to the match against Karpaty OFK Belgrade won all its games during their training camp in Turkey. Among the defeated opponents were Dinamo Moscow (Russia), Lokomotiv Sofia (Bulgaria), Diosgyori (Hungary). The Serbian team had intention to win this match as well and took the lead in the 3rd minute when Batioja converted a cross from the right wing shooting home from close range…

After such ‘slap in the face’ defenders of Karpaty got their act together and played in a more confident way. As a result OFK Belgrade could not create any more chances in the first half whereas Karpaty players, namely Stilic and Ksyonz could score an equalizer but Lukac produced a couple of brilliant saves.

Nevertheless the green-and-whites soon leveled the match. Stilic slid a beautifully weighted ball into the path of Bidlovskyy, which crossed in to Gladkyy, who slotted the ball home calmly. Unfortunately the referees disallowed this goal for very dubious offside…

Serbian players understood that it would be difficult to win this game and started acting in quite a tough style. The referee blew his whistle every 15 seconds. Unfortunately some of OFK Belgrade players used dirty tricks which might result in a massive brawl with participation of all players and even coaches when Holodyuk and Zenjov were attacked by Serbians but fortunately the conflict was settled and the game continued. However five players were awarded yellow cards by the referee.

Karpaty players saw that in terms of technical skills they have advantage. In one of attacks Kenia was brought by a defender within the penalty area and the referee pointed to the penalty spot right away. Gladkyy stepped forward and converted the spot-kick easily.

In the beginning of the second half Karpaty suffered a serious blow when Holodyuk was sent off the pitch for a foul play. Luckily according to the rules of friendly match our coach had the right to field another player and Serhiy Zahidulin came on the pitch.

In the middle of the second half the Serbians again got ahead when Nikolic converted a penalty kick awarded against Karpaty for a foul committed by Milosevic inside the penalty area.

Nikolay Kostov made few more substitutions later on and Ozarkiv, Zhovtyuk and Zaviyskyy one by one got their chances. The head coach was right as those three guys played their roles in equalizing the score for the second time. Ksyonz passed the ball gently and cleverly between the defender's legs to Kenia, which in turn passed the ball on to Khudobyak leaving our captain the easy task of finishing into the empty net. 2:2! The combination was just beautiful and all players who took part in it acted very well together – perfect teamwork!

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